I'm alone by choice
Or is it fear
Fear of losing another limb
Or atrium
To a breakup (fracture)
Of my heart
Survived injuries sustained oncely,
Twicely, more
Barely, yes, but
Still here and strong
I carry on
My vaccine, my prevention
From pain
Is never looking in your eyes
Never allowing the infection
The emotion
To enter my system
My heart
I avoid your touch, hmm,
Your brush up against me
It weakens defenses
Threatens immunity
Enters my system
Flushed and warm I feel it coming on
Spreading quickly,
Arm to heart to loin
Uncontrolled electricity
Yes, you
A nervous system miracle
Fear absolved to quivering jello
For a moment
For a time
For you
Damn you
Yes, you
Mmm, you