Delicate Balance

Advances unwelcome, emotions unneeded
A girl unrelied on with warnings unheeded
I'll take back the pictures and faced with rejection
I'll fight off the stinging of hurt's introspection

With teetering balance and inner confusion
Toppling delicate hand-woven illusion
Light-colored question-mark outlines me forever
Your words filled with tarnish, though hidden so clever

Powderable feelings crumbled white as a pill
Verdant and bewildered slipping softly downhill
Now recoiled waiting, foresee news that will crush
I'll contradict snubbing, harmonize in a hush

You just want some laughter but don't want to know me
Superficial nothing, some fun with a crony
I'll give you the laughter though tantamount to pain
Your rebuff unshaken, a clandestine remain