Portrait of Donoche

Black Hair, Chicago
Bill Clinton and Seals
Panic and Music
And millions of pills

Lou Reed and Bowie
Computers and beer
Nachos with Peppers
Don't trust what you hear

His hairs going, gone
Painting and Sculpture
Loves talking 'til dawn

Life's not for money
So fuck what they say
Nobody gets it
At least not today

A mountain, a goat
The dream and the curse
Society sucks
But what would be worse?

Coffee's okay now
Marlboro,not Kools
Are you cookin' beans?
Dave Letterman rules

Lard-town Manteca
Manteno was corn
Now into Cleveland
He left me the porn

God's webmaster now
He's atheist too
Or maybe he's Zen
Do you think it's true?

Catholic school, East Side
Chicago and Cubs
Tennessee hillboy
Likes ham on his subs

Such a conundrum
He's strong and he's smart
Grieving yet happy
And living for Art