she knows

second-inning discomfort and
the boys play ball so
your ex-wife, the next one
you moved in with for money,
and me
all our kids, theirs
mine and yours
all not seeing we're related
by injection
the sharing of a passion
for you
their blissful ignorance
save for your daughter's
knowing glances, she
knows, she knows,
she knows
about us, those nights,
the calls, whispers
in the dark, she knows
my voice, she knows

wave nonchalant like
friends for ages
hide the splitting pain
of leaving hurt behind
where no one knows
that it ever could have
existed, 'cept for one
she knows

grown to womanhood
inherent instinct tells her
tells her it's true, tells her
daddy's secrets
aren't secrets
she'll never voice, never say
'cept with her eyes
she knows

a woman-child's eyes
gracefully stamp acceptance
on love
she knows I loved
she knows I held you
as the others, as
we all love her too
so would never tell and hurt them
she knows