Dirty Laundry

My great-granddad, he hung himself
In a straw-filled backyard barn
My family lived in quiet shame
Many years before I'd been born
And no one ever spoke of him
Though his deed has long been felt
His name has never met my ears
But the cards have all been dealt

His daughter's name was Sylvia
And she was my grandma
She gave birth to six babies
While wed to my grandpa
Her father's deed she must have known
And it must have left her raw
She ditched my cheatin' grandpa
Left the kids and she was gone

My grandpa he remarried
Had six little ones to raise
And when he died of noble cause
My step-grandma drew praise
She stuck around and gave a home
Although not the patient sort
With children that were not her own
And she had an angry heart

There were six of them who grew up
The middle girl she was my mom
Her sisters they had lots of kids
Lots of marriages gone wrong
Don't know who all my cousins are
Some were given to adopt
And we'll never know their fathers
'Cause their mothers will not talk

My sister, she's in prison now
And my husband, he OD'd
Yeah, but I am not the doer
Of the dirty shameless deed
And I will be all right, I will
There's an open door I see
There's only open roads ahead
And you can't take that from me

And it don't matter
'Cause I'm just fine
And it don't matter
The shame's not mine
The laundry's only dirty
When you don't put the past behind
The family's dirty laundry
It don't matter, it's not mine