Pelican Breath

The sea was full of animals
As I was swimming by
The otters piled three-by-three
All grinned and nodded "hi"

The dolphins wore pink party hats
While jumping over bears
I swam right by a little whale
Who asked to borrow chairs

A turtle floated on his back
His belly set for tea
An octopus just tipped his hat
While smiling back at me

A tiger doing belly flops
A crabby camera-man
A mermaid waving "how-de-doo"
I don't know where I am

I climbed up on a hippo-pot
I thought that I could see
A peacock in a bathing suit
Dove in and startled me

I climbed back on the hippo
Just trying to get dry
My arms went out to greet the sun
And I began to fly

I spun just like a whirligig
I wanted to go down
I felt a tongue around my waist
It pulled me to the ground

I landed on a pelican
He caught me in his beak
I floated effervescently
Until he sprung a leak

He spit me in the ocean
I guess I tasted bad
But after what his breathe was like
I certainly am glad

It's time to simmer down now
It's time to rest my head
I'll climb up on a tuna fin
And sail away to bed