Pillowcase of Tears

I cry about a lost love
On a pillowcase of tears
I cry for you, my lover
On a pillowcase of tears

What we never had
Will never come to be
Dreams are only dreams
Not always meant to be

I paid the price for dreaming
Oh, yes, there is a fee
This pillowcase has seen it
At night with only me

A pillowcase of dampness
Damp and warm, I hold it tight
A pillowcase of tears
Will sleep with me tonight

Love that never was
Only pieces given out
I cry for pieces that you gave
I cry for those left out

For wanting everything
Need and care, but fear
For all I wanted, you did not
You never shed a tear

Your pillow is a dry one
Is now, but long ago
I think you drenched your pillow
But who would ever know

Your pillowcase of fear
Born of hurt that you have known
It's dry (Is it so dry?)
This pillowcase you own?

Your pillowcase once held my head
Enveloped it with love
A pillowcase from heaven
With a scent from up above

My pillow doesn't smell the same
My pillow, it's just me
Holding on to memories
They just won't set me free

My pillow is a wet one
What will make it dry?
Time, they say, will do it
Time, for now I cry

I lost at love, not life, I say
I'm not done yet, no fears
I have so much, and yes,
It's time to stop the tears

Go to bed and close my eyes
Memories seem so near
I hold my pillow close to me
My pillowcase of tears