I Don't Want Purple Fingernails

I don't want purple fingernails
Those overpainted talons
I'd have to be a dainty one
Buy polish by the gallons

I don't want red upon my lips
With tissue blotting madness
I'd have to have a little mirror
And try to match my dresses

I don't want blushy tinted cheeks
Looking like a whimsy clown
I'd have to find it in my purse
Buy brushes up in town

I don't want brown on my eyelids
Never turquoise, green or sand
I'd have to be a starlet new
To put on the world's demand

I don't want sticky matted hair
Caked with ozone ugly sprays
I'd have to smell the buggy scent
All that spraying time delays

A bar of soap is awful good
Lathered fresh and smelling clean
A naked, crispy look I choose
Not a painted card-deck queen