Words of Water

Fire, burning fire
When I met you
It was hot

Churning deep inside
My body, soul
And heart

The flame so hot
It seared my brain
Crazy from the heat

So hot, the heat
It felt so good
I overlooked the pain

But words are water
Yours are
Dripping on the flames

Leaving only embers
But still
The fire remains

The fiery heat
Body and soul
Slowly dying out

Then buckets
Many buckets thrown
Water kills the flame

Water thrown
It sizzles
Cannot be taken off

The fire dies
Unless it's strong
Stoked and fed enough

Embers burning
Fighting still
Wanting to burn bright

Don't want to die
No water
No water please tonight

Words are water
Yours are
Dripping on the flames

The little burning embers
Fan them
Build them up

A burning, blazing
Fire could grow
If fed by you tonight

No water please
No water
Oh, please don't put it out

With words of water
No words of water tonight