Maya Sing Yeah

Maya sing yeah, yeah, yeah
On a page an' aloud
Givin' us culture an'
Black an' be proud

Maya feed soul, soul, soul
On a spoon take a sip
Givin' life pieces to
Taste what she live

Maya do word, word, word
On da mind an' da heart
Smackin' up, upside your
Head da right part

Maya give sin, sin, sin
To da truth an' bring light
Sellin' it faithful to
Love an' what right

Maya give milk, milk, milk
Out her breast to da world
Feedin' one nation dat
Hunger an' chilled

Maya do right, right, right
By my eyes an' again
Pickin' up magic dat
Come from her pen

Maya do love, love, love
To a poem for it shine
Surely be Maya who
Sing out to mine