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Art Online
Oil, encaustic, acrylic and vinyl paintings from Portugal.

Poet's show site containing New Poetry, Flash Fiction, Biography,
Poets on Poets, Books, and Links

Artistic Leaf - Portrait Painting on a Dry Leaf
We bring you something different in visual art. Portrait paintings on dry leaves
in stunning oil colors. Be a part of our portrait gallery.

Paintingiant Art & Craft
Oil painting and portrait workshop, wholesale and retail, flattest price and best quality.
from landscape to still life, from home deco art to masterpiece reproduction.

Mistellius - Centre for Contemporary Visual Art
Mistellius is a centre for contemporary visual art which presents
the group of modern talented Russian artists working in different fields
of visual art, such as painting, graphics, ceramics and craft. Mistellius
provides high quality services for international artists and art dealers,
such as orgonising exhibitions and providing travel opportunities in Russia.

Poetry in the Arts

Portraits - the Rembrandt Style of Painting
Artist Serge Letvy - Hystorical portraits in oil.