Erik the Prophet

My friends big day
And here I am
Feeling like shit
I was not there
Merely as much as he
For me

Laying down in bed
My own birthday
Watching the ceiling fan
Roar at me like an airplane
Depressed 20 and brooding
Just mentally starting
My new age of a horrible note
I awake wishing someone cared
But here in my dark box
I sit and its running like water
20 years 30 minutes and 28 seconds
Just waiting to die
Lightbulb flickering it's last
Oh yes clock I hear you!
(tick tock tick tock tick) I retire to sleep

Ah but friend
You showed that morning
Like sun to windowpane
And man my pain gone

My friend's big day
To prove me wrong
Clutching my collar
Heaving me out of that grave
Of dead pool mind
Fuck man I do appreciate
The gift
Maybe with these words
I can now be here
For you