Inter-Community Hospital Covina

i have been in the hospital long enough
i am tired of these old man pajamas with
this shit they serve for breakfast lunch and dinner
it seems no matter what style of
food they serve, it all smells
the same and tastes like waste digested
in the stomach of a dog, pushed out
of it's hariy ass on a sticky summer day
where no one picks up after the dog
we all step into it and flys gather
to feast and fuck
in short the food sucks

i swear i am in here with some crazy people
all day and night
this elderly woman is mumbling
sounding like an old native woman
chanting up a storm or some prayer
to get out of here
sounds like the hospital staff are
performing alien body tests you hear
from those kats who say they were
abducted up in a space ship
it is quite a funny noise though
oh yeah also i hear this man
clearing his throat over and over
as though upchucking one of his ribs
how lovely it is to be forcing yourself
to eat shit while hearing this man heave up
some thick who knows what
all around this i hear the laughter and
conversation of the nurses
they are usually middle aged or older
and a little over weight
but are sweet in a special way
it seems they really have concern for
us patients but who knows
we all hate our jobs
if ole nurse lady had it her way
i bet she would club the ones who
endlessly ring the nurse button for
wrench out the tongues of the shrieking
elderly, and unplug the respiratory machines
that keep the critical patients alive
oh yeah and of course
give me a tremendous blowjob
and swallow...oh yeah and say thank you
fuck hospitals man!
shit i learned a lesson for sure
it sucks to be unhealthy and for
those of you trying to put your own lights
out don't do it man because you'll
probably fail and end up in this shit hole
longer than me
you will be fucked man!
but if you switched places with me
i doubt the nurses having it their way
would give you a blowjob- tee hee!
oh relax i am kidding
go dry up will ya?