Muzak Music Muse

you know how music
gets your soul going

songs play and you sway
driving but hardly driving
paying no attention to the road

your whole body moving
lines of road quadrupling in your vision

you feel like placing your lips
on the mouths of every woman

kiss kiss kiss em all
even the ones with their boys
right nearby

fuck them because you are grooving
you are alive you are the music
you feel it

stumble through graveyards
on all fours kissing the gravestones
the unknown

kiss em all your enemies

nothing else in the world is alive
as you are music is all that matters
not love not money

no man
music music
play muzak
music it is the muse
for man woman
the plateau of bliss
where you are relaxed
where you are truly human
it is where i truly enjoy life
a place i love

but what is strange to me
is that place contains no one
where i find my joy