Fuck Skynyrd

i adore her like no other

but there is another
a boy younger than me
from sweet home Alabama

how this mocks me!
i hate Lynyrd Skynyrd

so upon hearing all this
i am back to feeling morose
and not quite knowing
what to do with myself

but she let me touch her and enter her
her touch was promising
but she said it was
confusion (a woman's middle name)

give me one who knows what they want
and by god i will suck their father's dick
(not really, just a thought)

so anyway out the door i go
frantically trying to breathe
to keep my head clear

it was a comfortable night
neighborhood lawns
exploding sprinklers
and wet sidewalks

i walk very slowly
watching one foot
over step the other

thinking of Alabama boy's
hands and mouth on her
and she...

how i wish someone driving by
(preferably a woman)
would stop their car and
talk with me or
show concern

around women i feel
disgusting and invisible
i am tired of my fears
living alone
without a lover

i want a woman to destroy me
with her genuine love

how i hate to be myself
on a cool evening like this

no one stopped and no one
looked at ole miserable me
the one i thought i had beat
foolish me

"sweet home alabama!
lord I'm coming home to you..."