Steve The Protector

My brother Steve the protector
from day one of my life
he has been a forcefield
like as kids you could claim
forcefield over army figures
so bullets and missiles could never
hurt you well that is Steve

i find myself these days
living with a non violent view
i have never thrown my hands
at another man
i do not believe that hurting someone
will lead to good
i understand the ways of war anger hate

Steve knows about battle
telling me from an early age
he had to defend himself or
prove something

i have seen him with a black eye
also when he was pushed into
a mirror i saw the stitches
i do not like to see Steve hurt

he tells me his stories
who beat him up or
what he did to this guy
i am not impressed just afraid
i never want to hurt people
i never want someone to hit me

Steve through childhood made sure
that would never happen
whoever tried to touch me
had to answer to my brother Steve

Steve told me once he is afraid for me
he is hard i am soft
someone will attack me
hurting me and i would stand there
crying thinking too much
this is probably true

i am deathly afraid of violence
i care much for people

my brother Steve is
schizophrenic manic depressive
we found out a year ago
it is confusing to hear that
about your best brother
i almost do not believe it

he says many things go on
in his mind all at once and
it is difficult most times
he scares me sometimes
i wish his life could be perfect
i love him so much

i know i walk through this world
in daydreams
where everyone gives love
maybe because my big brother
Steve cradled me so tight

when i was a newborn he
would climb in my crib
in the morning and play
or sleep beside me

i am his "little wookus"
i always will be

my brother Steve
my protector
anyone who tries to
draw your blood my brother
i will throw my hands
i will kill